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Casa De Cristal changes the way you drink your beverages. A company which provides you with the perfect designs of glasses and party decoration kinds of stuff. For every age, if you're a party animal, or a business professional going to host a party to attract your clients, we are always there for you. It makes the people realize that it isn't the drink that refines the interest and mood, but the glass of the vessel in which the wine is served.


As the name specifies, it is known for classical and modern glass-ware production. The company has a working team of highly professional members, which provides world-class wine and beer glasses made to be liked by all age groups equally.


It offers wine and beer glasses and provides all sorts of party kinds of stuff that are useful in decorating a house for a party.


The elegant and beautiful structure of glasses, which are refined several times to make attractive glasses used to serve the unique grape wines, are the specialists of this company to set and get fame in the market.


A particular variety of crystal glasses excites and sparks new flavours in couples' lives on special occasions. So be your girl's true macho man and present your expressions in eye-catching crystal clear glasses.


The company is operating worldwide with its main deliveries to the United States, The United Kingdom and the UAE. Starting this service to get fame in youngsters and the business professionals in the home country, it will slowly expand its whole network all over the world.


Committed to the quality of the products to maximize the customer reaching, Casa De Cristal never compromises on its dignity and will continue to provide world-class and highest quality products which will have gorgeous and differentiated designs.


We work together efficiently in a cooperative manner to make the necessary updates and changes that could bring innovation to the new and modern era to make the taste of every single drop of beer and wines more exotic.


The beautiful display of the products is being reflected here, which could be more convincing than any online stores. As producers, compromises on quality are never made and they believe there is more creativity when less is more.


Whenever a mishap occurs, the company always compensates the client. Therefore, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to the company.


With the increase in competition, new ideas and innovation need to be addressed by the youth; that is why Casa De Cristal offers its services and exotic products made by young, creative, and enthusiastic minds.


Wine glasses, beer glasses, Alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages glasses with new and exciting decorative materials used in party and professional business meetings are available. So the youngsters planning to plan sleepovers with their friends can check all the latest and new glasses in which the thirst for drinks will quench exotically.